How To Get Your Neglected Site Back on Track

Content Management Systems, like WordPress, make it ridiculously simple to maintain a website. You can publish a blog post, edit a page, manipulate the layout and more.

But just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean it takes care of itself.

Maintaining a website is like maintaining a home. You have to mow the lawn every week, and occasionally you need to trim the hedges. A few times a year you might plant flowers, or re-seed the lawn. If you don’t do these things, the landscaping becomes overgrown, and it looks like no one cares.

What happens then? Site visitors click away in search of another reliable source of information.

How do you turn things around? What do you need to do to attract and engage visitors so they’ll spend more time looking at your offer?

Join me with Branding Expert, Pamela Wilson as we discuss:

  • Why blogging matters for your business
  • How to establish a writing habit even if you feel like you’re not a writer
  • How to build a manageable To-Do List for managing your website
  • Design techniques to attract visitors and build trust
  • Techniques to make your content more engaging and readable

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So, how does your website stack up? Do you need to do a little house-cleaning? Tell you what, if you want some quick feedback, drop a comment with a link to your site and tell me what your single biggest challenge is. I’ll reply with some thoughts for you to turn around and implement now…