How To Link To Your IDX Registration Form

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Several agents have asked if there’s a way to link directly to the registration page on your dsSearchAgent mapping IDX. It’s our own custom built form that functions similar to a light-box form. While there isn’t a direct link anywhere, there is a way to link to your IDX so that the registration form pops up by default.

The first thing you want to do is go to the page on your site where you have the mapping solution placed. For example:

Then, you want to add one of the following to the end of that url:

/#ShowRegister – this will force the registration form to appear.

/#ShowLogin – this will force the login form for existing IDX users/subscribers.

Your resulting URL should look like this:

How can you make use of this effectively?

One idea would be to create a “FREE Home Search” badge that you can place on your site’s sidebar and hyperlink to the URL with the registration form and/or have a link for existing IDX users to log-in quickly.

Additionally, you can also do something like this using dsIDXpress. This client for example has badges on her sidebar for “Schedule a Showing Here” and “Request More Information” that link to the contact form in dsIDXpress. To do this, just add:


Over to you…

Is something like this helpful to you? What are some creative ways you see yourself using this?