How To Write a Neighborhood Update (in less than 5 minutes) Using dsIDXpress

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again:

The success of your blog is dependent on your ability to develop fresh new content consistently.

Simply put, people are looking for information that is relevant to them today. You don’t need to write a blog post every single day. But you do need to be consistent. Once a week (at least) should be a minimum though twice or three times a week is better. Write about the market. Define real estate terminology for your prospective buyers and sellers. Talk about that new condo complex in the neighborhood. Write about a specific gated community. Simply put, there’s lots you can talk about to get prospects to your site.

I know, I know… You’re short on time, right? Well, thankfully, dsIDXpress makes it easy for your to write a neighborhood update/market report or blog about a particular listing in as little as 5 minutes (or less). Here’s a quick video on how to do this…

[youtube width=549 height=334]TPhGRzFMbr8[/youtube]

IDXpress is a plugin for WordPress that gives IDX functionality to your website, allows your users to search for and browse available properties in your MLS, and lets the search engines index properties from the MLS on your website. You can try a Free version with Test Data here: or call our Sales Department at: 877.348.7654.