IDX Pages feature added to IDX plugin

We are very excited to announce the release of IDX Pages – a new feature for our dsIDXpress WordPress IDX plugin!  Our existing “Link Builder” tool allowed you to build IDX links that filtered listings by criteria such as areas (cities, communities, tracts), property types, price ranges, beds/baths, and more.  In some cases, these custom dsIDXpress links could get quite lengthy!  Our new IDX Pages feature was built to help tackle that issue and improve the overall SEO efficacy of these links you’ll create today and into the future.

You’ll need to upgrade to the newest version of dsIDXpress that we just released today. And once you do you’ll see a brand new feature and section called “IDX Pages”.

(The IDX Pages feature is available to both dsIDXpress Pro and dsIDXpress Lite users!)

IDX Pages section of the WordPress admin

the new “IDX Pages” area in the WordPress admin

You can see that “IDX Pages” will be housed just above your regular WordPress Pages section making it very easy to find. The new IDX Pages are essentially WordPress Pages as well but they have built in functionality that allow you to build pages specifically to showcase properties for sale based upon specific criteria.

In addition, because these are actual WordPress Pages you give each page a title. This title will become the link for your new IDX Page.

With the old link builder tool your link might look something like this…

Rather than using the previous link builder tool we can now select “Add New” under IDX Pages, write a title such as “Luxury Miami Condos for Sale”, and then using the link builder within the new IDX page, select the area, price point, and property type.

Once saved this page now utilizes a “pretty” link which is great for SEO…

… and each page is saved as a dsIDXpress link that you can use and reuse throughout your website!

Please note: the previous link building tool will continue to be available. Additionally, all previously built links will continue to function as-is.  This new tool will only affect new links that you build.

Please let us know what you think of this new feature!  We hope you’ll like it!