IDX Telephone Registration

Custom Link IDX: Now With Telephone Registration Option!

Real estate is a great profession.  We’re all independent contractors  running our own businesses.  We produce most of our own marketing, management and customer relationship decisions, and we grow our business at the pace and to the level we desire. It’s a great business in part because we can market and interact in the ways we find most productive, but also in ways best suited to our own personal styles.

A new feature in dsIDXPro at Diverse Solutions is the ability to add a requirement for a phone number to the registration process.  This feature is entirely optional, and some agents may not decide to require a phone number.  However, there are very few who would disagree with the fact that the sooner we can get “personal” with our prospects the better.  This feature was added due to frequent requests from users, so it is definitely something they value.

This takes the website lead generation process to a new level, as it brings personal contact to the forefront where it is most effective in jump-starting the new relationship.  A voice on the phone is only secondary to a face-to-face meeting in building trust and a relationship to move a prospect toward a transaction and commission.  Don’t forget the other options available for customizing the user’s site experience with lead generation in mind: