Insights Into the “365 Things To Do” Trend

Last year, Real Estate Agent Dale Chumbley amassed quite a bit of site traffic and garnered national recognition with his 365 Things To Do in Vancouver, WA series – wherein each day, he hi-lighted something new to do in the city of Vancouver, WA. All blog posts resided on his website: Clark County Real Estate Guide. Then, the permalink to each post was placed on his 365 Things To Do in Vancouver, WA Facebook Page. The results?

  • 14,000+ “Likes” on his Facebook Page,
  • 75% of the fan base resides in Vancouver/Clark County/Portland area – the key here is that they’re all local,
  • Over the course of the year, 8,281,995 post views occurred on the Facebook page,
  • ~100,000+ visitors stopped by the blog via the Facebook Page

Basically, Dale wanted to create content about his community and he set out to do just that through his 365 Things To Do series. He’s not just selling real estate, he’s selling a lifestyle so he knew that was important. He created the content on his own site then use Facebook as the medium for sharing that content. Is wasn’t easy by any means. But I thought I’d have Dale and Maura Neil (from 365 Things To Do In Atlanta) share their insights and experience in this video interview from REtechSouth!

[youtube width=600 height=480]egH324RzXUw[/youtube]