I’ve Installed dsIDXpress, Now What?

[Note: This is a basic video tutorial to dsIDXpress…]

The great thing about dsIDXpress is that it’s not only easy to install, but it does a lot of the heavy lifting for displaying IDX listings on your domain for you.

See, the way it works is, it’ll take every single listing as it hits the MLS, and it’ll create what we call a “virtual page” for that listing on your domain. It not only does that for each individual listing as it hits the MLS, it also does that for listings by area types (cities, communities, tracks and zip codes).

But you still have to do a few things to bring attention to those IDX listings to new site visitors. So in today’s video tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use dsIDXpress widgets to hi-light IDX data on your domain.

Here’s the video:

(Click here if you can’t see this video).

How are you using dsIDXpress on your website? What do you want to learn about using dsIDXpress better?