Tech Tip Tuesday: Create a custom popup form using the modal dialog plugin

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You live and you die by your database. Ask any seasoned REALTOR® and they’ll say the same. So while you’re working hard to publish new content and drive traffic to your site, what are you doing to keep people there? What are you doing to get them to register?

Introducing the Modal Dialog Plugin:

If you have a newsletter, the modal dialog plugin is a great tool that creates a popup form inviting people to register. The plugin essentially creates a popup window that appears once when a user first visits your  site. You can load content from external sites and/or you can upload your own custom HTML code to render the popup in a specific design fashion. Here’s a great example from Home Ownership University:

When you land on the site for the first time, you have a custom contact popup form that appears inviting you to register to receive newsletter updates. You can do this to have people opt-in to your weekly newsletter where you send them property updates, marketing updates, mortgage rate updates and more. The great thing about the form is that it’s completely customizable. And yes, the plugin is compatible up to WordPress version 3.0.4.

How would you use this?

Is something like this useful to you? How might you use the modal dialog plugin to encourage people to register to your site and receive email updates?