New dsSearchAgent Features – Zillow Co-Branding

We’ve always felt Zillow is a great tool for your Visitors to use when searching for a home. That’s why we put the Zestimate in the Property Details / Tools Tab, and why we recently integrated the ability to search for Zillow “Make Me Move” or “For Sale By Owner listings”. The one thing that we can honestly say these features were lacking was that if the Visitor left for Zillow, they would lose your branding.

Well last July Zillow released “Co-Branding” and in our update this November we integrated it, now I’m here to tell you how to set it up (yay). Check out how swanky it looks in our state of the art screenshot:

(hint: it’s that grey-banner at the top of the page.)

Zillow-Profile So, you want to set this up? The first thing you need is a Zillow Account (make one here). Once you’ve setup your Account, go to your Profile page and grab the “Screen Name” (see right). Save that for later in Notepad (windows) or Textedit (mac), as you’ll need it real soon.

Zillow-ControlPanel Next, go into your dsSearchAgent Options in your Control Panel. Once in Options, go to the Agent Info Tab (it’s the first one) and on the bottom right you’ll see the “Zillow Screen Name” text box. Paste your screen name you saved from the first step here.

That’s it. Now all of the links to Zillow will show your mug and the pertinent information to get ahold of you (horrah).