New Feature Fridays! (Well, Just This Friday)

Hey there blog readers. My name is Andrew, and I’m another one (the best of all) of the lead software developers who works around here. My responsibilities include maintaining our current suite of products, developing nifty new products and features, and dutifully getting here at 8:00 AM 8:15 AM every single day.

I’m really excited to announce that today is new feature Friday! It’s sort of like Taco Tuesday, but without the tacos and with more real estate technology. While you’ve been busy getting completely overwhelmed with feedback on how great your AgentCast website is or how incredibly easy and powerful your dsSearchAgent IDX solution is, we’ve been secretly working on a whole bunch of new features for you to have fun with. Best of all, all of these new features are completely free to all of our existing customers.

map statistics for your idx I’m definitely fired up about the first new feature I have to share with you, especially since there is literally no one else out there that offers anything at all like this. It’s our new map statistics panel that conveniently slides out as soon as you hover over the tab on the right-hand side of the map. Once it slides out, you’ll find some really cool pricing, home size, and lot size statistics for all of the properties that are within that very map view. Actually, to be more accurate, the statistics are only for the property types that you have checked under the “Advanced >>” portion of the search tab. If you don’t like this functionality, you’ll even be able to turn it off in your dsSearchAgent admin area. However, it’s both really fun and really easy to use, so I encourage you to try it out!

blog and website modules Another set of crazy new features that we are releasing are our blog and website modules. While you might already have modules on your site from Altos Research, Trulia, or any other company, now you can add our great new modules to your site. Our slideshow module allows you to display your listings, or any listings that match any criteria you set up as a link in your dsSearchAgent backend, in a nice slideshow fashion. Our map module allows you to take those same properties and display them nicely on a map. Finally, our map search module is essentially a mini-IDX search application that you can put on your page when you don’t want to instead link to the full-fledged version. Using it, your visitors can search for homes based on almost any criteria they’d like. Clicking on a property that is displayed in any of the modules will bring the visitor directly to that property in the full-featured IDX.

Next (not that we need to wow you anymore for today), you’ll very shortly be able to tie your IDX solution to a domain name of your choice. For example, say you specialize in real estate in Elbonia and you have the domain name Previously, you’d probably use that domain to either host a site where you advertise yourself and what you know about that area or to host a blog. Well now you’ll be able to hook that domain name up our dsSearchAgent solution so that visitors who go to that domain will be able to immediately search for real estate in Elbonia and contact you via email or a dsAgentChat instant message when they have questions. Yay!

agent info in results

We’re also releasing a number of features that aren’t as, um, take-your-breath-away-awesome. You’ll soon be able to turn on the option to embed your contact info into the results panel. We’re also now announcing that you can connect your rockin’ dsSearchAgent IDX solution to your Top Producer lead management system. Finally, we’re rolling out the ability to search for houses by community, year built, and tract in many of the MLS’s. If you don’t have it yet in yours, be patient as it will be there very soon.

Sooooooo, now that I’ve got you all worked up, I’m going to risk getting my car egged by a rogue gang of agents and brokers by telling you we’re not going to immediately release all of these features to everyone at the same time. Instead, we’re going to do a slow rollout over the next two weeks or so in order to monitor any issues that pop up because of these features. If you have dsSearchAgent, you want to be one of the first to have these features, and you enjoy having stuff break on you (just kidding), drop us a line at info-attt-diversesolutions-dottt-com and we’ll see what we can do to turn the features on for you. In the meantime, be on the lookout for the press releases relating to these great new things!

Well, until the next time I have something cool to share, hasta luego!