Announcing the new Diverse Solutions Help Desk & Community Forum

Today I’m excited to announce two new resources for the Diverse Solutions Community:

  1. A new Help Desk:
  2. A new Community Forum:

In addition to more webinars (including new dsIDXpress webinars), we wanted to provide you with access to an online training community that you can have access to at all times. With the new Help Desk you’ll be able to access written training materials that walk you through various functions in each of our products (dsSearchAgent, dsIDXpress and dsAgentReach). You can perform a search to access product tutorials or dig through the Getting Started Guides and print them or bookmark the page for future reference. And for those that are visual learners, we’ve gone ahead and added videos to the tutorials (you can access those on our YouTube Channel).

Lastly, after the success of our dsIDXpress Community we decided that it was time to launch a new Community Forum that housed ALL of our products. In the new Diverse Solutions Forum you’ll be able to ask questions related to specific products, ask for feedback on how your implementing IDX on your site and share success stories and best practices with other users. It really is an all around community designed for you to connect with Diverse Solutions Staff and clients who are passionate about improving their marketing efforts. We’ll be there to answer your questions, but we also want to see you connecting and engaging with other users.

That said, here’s a quick video tour of both the Help Desk and our new Forum… I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!

[youtube width=600 height=368]A2OpsWgLnv4[/youtube]