Picture Paste to Supercharge WordPress

Picture Paste to the Rescue!

If you’re using WordPress and trying to do frequent and informative posts to build SEO and provide content for your site visitors, you’re probably doing a lot of image insertion as well.  It’s a fact that images enhance the visitor experience, so photos or screen shots always make a post a little more interesting.

However, with WordPress, you have to upload the image and go through those image properties boxes, and it takes a bit of time.  What if you could simply copy an image or take a screen shot from the Web and paste it right into a WordPress post?  No, it’s not a new WordPress feature, but it is a small software application for Windows that makes it possible.




This image was copied from the PicturePaste.com website and just pasted into this post.  There was no upload necessary, though it is now in the Media Library in WordPress in case I want to use it again.

What you’ll find is that if you use this software you’ll begin to use more images in your WordPress posts because it’s faster and easier.  It works with Internet email clients as well.

How many of your site visitors do you think know all of the ins-and-outs of your IDX search function?  How much more likely would it be that they would return to your site over and over if they knew how to use your IDX search properly; all of the features?


All you have to do is to take some screen shots as you do some IDX searches and use PicturePaste to put them into a blog post.  Add text under each screen shot explaining what it’s about.  You’ll find it’s really easy with this software, but more important, you’ll find that placing a link  to this tutorial post on IDX pages will increase your traffic and your return visits.