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Recent breaking news from Google is that they’re doing away with Google Reader, the popular RSS feed reader product.  This news has generated a ton of criticism, as those who really use RSS feeds to gather information will now have to learn to use other products.  They’re upset, but Google has some really smart people on staff, and they just may be able to tell the future.

RSS has never been popular with the masses, as illustrated by surveys showing fewer than 15% of Internet users even understand RSS or use feed readers.  Experts on Google products are saying that Google is betting the farm on social media and Google+.  The belief is that, other that a few hardcore users, the masses will be sharing information online on social sites, not through RSS feeds.

Subscription To Your Blog Via Social Media

The average Internet site visitor may really love your content and want to continue to read it in the future.  However, everyday activities keep many of them from returning over and over to your site to see what’s new.  Since only one in seven of them will subscribe to your WordPress RSS feed to have your new content delivered, what are the others to do?  You must provide them with options to have your content delivered as it’s published, and the Subscription Options Plugin will help you to do that.

blog subscription buttons


In your sidebar you should have multiple options for ways in which your visitors can subscribe to have your new content delivered automatically so you’ll know they’re getting all of it independent of their visits to your site.  You can pick and choose the options, but definitely keep RSS and Email there, as those will still be the most popular.

blog subscribe options


Using these buttons, your visitors can subscribe to your Twitter and Facebook pages as well, where you’re hopefully placing your new content regularly.  Don’t build it and think they’ll keep coming; deliver your content.