SEO Strategies to Help You Get More Customers

How much is a #1 Google Ranking worth to your business? (That’s a rhetorical question by the way)

Sure, you know SEO (search engine optimization) is important, but do you know how to effectively do SEO?

Well, we know someone who does. And we thought him to be the perfect candidate to help us kick off our new bi-weekly(ish) podcast (but we’re not actually calling it a podcast, we’re calling it a Radio show). That special guest is Internet Anthropologist and SEO Ninja, Jim Marks from Virtual Results.

In this episode, Jim Marks and I discuss:

  • What SEO is and why it matters to your business
  • The two pitfalls you need to avoid for having a website that ranks well in search engines
  • Why WordPress will help your site rank straight out of the box
  • The secret recipe to finding the right keywords to help you get more customers in a hurry via search
  • How to use Google’s Keyword Tool to effectively SEO your posts
  • How to tweak your site to avoid duplicate content

…and more.

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