Stronger Calls To Action = More Registered Users

Every now and then I hear real estate agents say something to the effective of…

  • People are coming to my website, but they’re not clicking on my IDX page to search for homes, or…
  • I’m getting good traffic on my IDX search page, but people aren’t registering.

The problem isn’t exactly the technology, but rather the search/user experience on your website. Put yourself in the average site visitor’s shoes for a moment. Look at your website, and ask yourself:

  • How easy is it to search for homes on this website?
  • Can I easily and quickly access the home search page?
  • Once I’m on the search page, what do I do next? But wait, do I need to register before being able to search for homes?
  • Why should I create an account here? Won’t you just spam me with messages and sales pitches?

Those are just some of the questions racing through the average site visitors mind. The easier you make it to search, and the stronger you communicate your Calls To Action, the more registered IDX users you’ll get.

Here’s a (relatively) short video overview of a few websites that implement excellent Calls To Action on their home pages and IDX search pages: (Length = 11 min, 24 secs)

(Can’t see this video? Click here.)

What do you think? How can you improve your website and bring more attention to your home search page? What can you do to encourage more site visitors to register?