Survey Site Visitors to Find Fresh Blog Content

Sometimes, it’s not always easy to come up with post ideas. It’s called “writer’s block” and we all deal with it.

That’s why it’s smart to stock-pile on post ideas and keep drafts ready to go. This way you don’t skip a beat and your readers will always land on something fresh.

Today’s tip, I’m sharing a free survey tool to help you poll your readers to see what they want you to write about next…

Introducing KISSinsights!

KISSinsights offers a pretty neat and simple way to poll your site visitors. They have a Free plan and a paid plan and it’s pretty easy to install on your website once you’ve selected your survey.

My favorite use of it is to ask:

What would you like us to write about next?

But you can ask a variety of questions from:

  • Did you find what you were looking for?
  • How did you first hear about us?

…and more.

The idea is to collect insights from your site visitors and find ways to improve your website to make it easier to navigate. Or in this case, to get some suggestions for upcoming blog posts!

How might you use KISSinsights?