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Real Estate News and Updates

Make Search Engines Work For You Boost your online presence and capture more leads in 2020 by leveraging SEO/SEM! In this webinar recording with Kevin McLallen, Real Estate SEO/SEM expert, discover essential elements for effective Google ads and best practice to achieve maximum ROI on your ads. Interested in getting a guaranteed number of ... Read more +

Turn Engagement into Transactions in 2020 In this webinar recording, Real Estate Technology Expert Kerm Foltz and Real Estate Business Consultant Jordan Torres will dive into emerging marketing trends, strategies and more to help you hit your transaction goals in the upcoming year. Learn how you can drive traffic to your website with cutting edge ... Read more +

Increase the ROI of your Website Engage Leads and Increase the ROI of your Website! In this webinar recording, Real Estate Business Consultant Jordan Torres will discuss recent updates to your Website IDX that can engage your visitors, review 3 strategies to increase lead conversion and outline how you can drive more targeted buyers and sellers to ... Read more +

Kick Off 2019 by Maximizing the ROI of Your WordPress Website By implementing a few simple strategies and solutions, your underperforming WordPress website can quickly become a client-generating machine in 2019. From techniques essential for driving a consistent volume of relevant buyers and sellers to your website to strategies for converting ... Read more +

Get Responses & Repeat Visits From Your Website Leads For agents, getting website visitors and capturing them as leads is only half the battle. To get the most out of your website, you also need to make a great first impression with your lead follow-up and ensure consumers repeatedly return to your website so they end up working with you. In ... Read more +