Take Control of Your Content… Use an Editorial Calendar

One of the most common questions we get is:

How do we get our content indexed faster on Google?

There’s no quick, clear cut answer. But I can say that Google looks at new domains registered less than a year like they are “baby domains” not yet ready for the big world. So, it is more difficult to gain and maintain results until they see the site mature and continue maturing. Part of the maturing process happens by adding new pages of content and blog posts regularly. That’s where the Editorial Calendar Plugin comes in…

Plugin Features:

  • See all of your posts in a monthly calendar view (easy reference to when they’ll be posted)
  • Drag and drop feature to move posts from one date to another
  • Quick-Edit feature to make changes to titles, categories, etc.
  • Easy publish
  • Easy way to manage posts on a multi-author blog

Here’s a quick video overview…

[youtube width=600 height=368]cftz0eM2B-g[/youtube]

So, do you already use an editorial calendar for publishing content? How many posts (on average) do you publish per week? Do you see how something like this might be useful? As always, the comments are yours… :-)