The Power of Real Estate Statistics

Capturing Real Estate Leads by Offering Reports

One of the best techniques a real estate website can use to capture leads is offering sold property and other statistical reports.  Offer to email buyers (or sellers) a market report or similar document if they provide you their email address.

Sellers also value statistics and they particularly look for them before they list or even contact a listing agent.  They are very interested in the current market and which homes, similar to their own within their neighborhood are selling for. Because of this, offering statistical reports will create both buyer and seller leads.

Creating your Real Estate Market Reports

Most software offered by your local MLS or real estate board includes options to generate or export market reports.   By simply “printing” out the report in PDF format, you will have all of the relevant information that you need to deliver to your prospects.  (If you do not have software that creates PDF files, Primo PDF is a free option for turning any file (or webpage) into a PDF file.)

Uploading your report to WordPress

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Once you have your PDF file ready, you can upload it as a Media file to your WordPress site.  Once it is up, you will have a URL that you use on your site, in emails to clients, or in automated emails using AgentReach.  Simply place that URL in the delivery email and the user may simply click on it to download the file.

Automating with AgentReach

With your report link in hand, you use the form builder included in AgentReach contact manager to build a form to capture buyers and sellers from your site.  Build a form (instructions here) where once visitors have filled out their information and clicked “submit”,  they either are sent directly to the report, they are sent to a page with a link to download the form, or they are setup on an automated campaign (instructions here) that will email them a link to the report.  (This last option will ensure visitors are providing legitimate email addresses).  Whichever route you choose to go,  you will have a new lead.

Call to action buttons

Get more buyers and sellers to use your form with call-to-action buttons on your WordPress site.  Be sure to place these buttons in numerous sidebar locations around the site, offering reports next to content that is relevant.  Our earlier blog post covering IDX login buttons includes some samples and provides details to adding call to action buttons to your site.

In summary…

  1. Use software from your AOR or MLS to generate a market report
  2. Save your report as a PDF file
  3. Upload the PDF file to your WordPress site
  4. Build a AgentReach form to capture leads
  5. Create an email in AgentReach that includes a link to the file you uploaded
  6. Create an AgentReach campaign that sends your email to everyone who completes your form
  7. Add the AgentReach form to a page on your WordPress site
  8. Add call to action buttons linking to your form page on related pages