Things To Do After a Conference

A lot goes on after a conference, especially a week-long event like Real Estate Connect San Francisco! But mostly, you just wanna get home, shower and sit or lay there and decompress.

So many people, so little time, lots of knowledge consumed, connections made, follow up to get done! In this post, I wanted to offer you some suggestions for settling back in and making sure you’re following up on everything you got out of the conference…

1. Send out emails & or make follow up calls – personally, I like to connect with folks on LinkedIn first and foremost (it serves as my digital rolodex and I use it frequently tho I also keep business cards; lots of ‘em!). Of course we then connect in all of the other usual social media hotspots like: Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, etc. If you really wanna follow up and show ‘em you care, nothing says so more than the sound of your voice on the other end of the line.

2. Reminder messages & follow thru – if you connected with someone and promised them something (or visa-versa), send them a follow up email as a reminder detailing what you discussed. This is important because it’s a big conference and lots of discussions were had. Properly following up shows that you’re serious about your business and it also says that you respect the other person’s time.

3. Get your media in order – here I’m thinking photos, video and any notes for blog posts. Slap your photos up on Flickr & Facebook then tag ‘em and share ‘em. Load any video onto the web (I prefer Youtube & Viddler). Then blog about ‘em (that’s what I do). Lastly, if you gathered any notes from the event that you wanna compile into a thought, write up a blog post and share it.

4. Comment on other blogs – nothing is better than following up with all the folks you met than by stopping by to comment and subscribe to their blogs! It’s a great feeling when you get your first comment and it’s an even better feeling when you get it from someone you spent the weekend with at a conference. It basically says you care. The same is true of the comments you leave on their Facebook wall. But ultimately, it’s about connecting.

That’s all I got for now but I’m sure I’m leaving a few things out. And later this week I’ll share some video and other insights from the week at Real Estate Connect San Francisco. Subscribe via RSS or via e-mail to get updates as soon as they’re published.

If you have any more tips, please drop ‘em below. And cheers to happy conference going! I’ll leave you with some photos from San Francisco…