Learning How To Think Like Your Customer (and Why That’s Important)

dsRadioSelling swimming pools doesn’t sound all that exciting. Let alone blogging about selling swimming pools.

After all, what’s there to say? Well, a lot as it turns out…

Marcus Sheridan started a swimming pool company, River Pools and Spas in 2001. Finding himself selling in a tough economy, he turned to the web to help market his business. Several years later, business is good and it basically runs itself.

Ok Ricardo, but what does this have to do with real estate? 

Everything! Think about it. How many of you have found yourself in Marcus’ shoes? The market is tough, you know you should be using the web to market your business (it’s affordable, it’s far reaching). But what do you say? Where do you start? After all, writing about real estate isn’t all that glamorous.

Well, writing about pools isn’t all that sexy either. But saving $1,000, $10,000 or even $20,000… Well, that is. That’s smart. And the same thing applies to real estate or any other industry. The trick is, to get inside your consumers head. Educate them. Find ways to help them save money on the largest, most emotional transaction of their lives and they’ll talk about what an awesome Agent you are to their friends and family.

Ask yourself, what does the consumer want to know when it comes to content? Then answer those questions day-in and day-out. Remember, with each email, each article they read, they’re getting closer and closer to making a buying decision.

In this episode, join me as I interview Marcus Sheridan (otherwise known as “The Sales Lion“) on the steps he took, to build a thriving business via the social web.

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In this episode we discuss things like:

  • Learn to think like your customer (and why that’s important).
  • Learn how often you should be writing per week.
  • How to use email to drive people back to your content.
  • Why it’s important to track the behavior of your site visitors.
  • How to use content to sell.
  • How to quickly and efficiently create an ebook out of your previously written blog content using a simple WordPress plugin.

…and more.

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