Trust & Attention Are Built Around Great Content

Think about when/why/how consumers come to your website.

They’re searching for things like:

  • “Best neighborhoods to live in Irvine”
  • “Best schools in Irvine” 
  • “Homes for sale in Irvine” 

…you get the idea.

Consumers are searching online for specific content and it’s up to you to serve it up to them.

Why does it matter? 

Because we’re always competing for attention on the web. “Look at my website for answers to all of your questions and real estate needs.” But why your website versus anyone else’s?

Can I find homes for sale on your website? Is the information updated and accurate? How often is it updated?

Can I find other local community info?

If the answer is “yes,” you’ve earned my attention. If the content is great, you’ve earned my trust and we can talk further.

So, the question you need to ask yourself… What does the consumer want to know when it comes to content?