Using Custom Links To Create IDX Landing Pages

With dsSearchAgent, you can do more than just slap an IDX map search on your website. You can create custom search map pages that pre-filter by price, size, city, open houses, or any other number of combinations of MLS search criteria.

So say for example that you have a “Neighborhood” tab on your site’s navigation. And on that tab you have a drop-down of various different neighborhoods – landing pages in other words.

Well, rather than slap the default IDX map search on those pages, you can create a custom link, and have the results already populated when a visitor lands on those pages. In addition, you can force the IDX registration form to automatically pop up on those pages to encourage site visitors to register.

Here’s a quick video tutorial that explains this process in detail along with a real live example of this in action…

(Can’t see this video? Click here.)