Why don’t you have a phone number listed on your website?

Maybe you don’t like talking on the phone. Maybe you don’t like the sound of your own voice. Maybe you just get too many solicitation calls so you’d rather talk to customers on your own terms, when you’re ready to call them.

Here’s the problem…

Nobody cares what you want. 

Your customers care about what your customers want and you know what? So should you.

If you a customer wants to get a hold of you, you should make it ridiculously simple to do so. What’s more, you’d better answer the phone on the first ring. Otherwise, you risk losing that potential customer to the competition (and you will lose them to the competition).

Here’s an excellent example from LoriBee.com.

Notice how her contact information (her cell phone) is placed prominently on the upper right-hand side of her website. There it sits on every single page of her site so that if someone wants to get a hold of her, they know where to look for her number.

But I get too many solicitation calls!

Of course you do. But I’m sorry to say, that it’s part of your filtering process to deal with those calls. If you choose to hide your number because of solicitors, you risk alienating a ton of potential leads.

Better to get a Google Voice number and screen calls that way.

What about you?

Do you screen your calls? How easy is it for someone to get a hold of you straight from your website?