WordPress, Email Marketing, & IDX Search Tutorial Wish List

WordPress & IDX Tutorial Wish ListEarlier this year we launched the Diverse Solutions Help Desk as a way to provide you (DIY) instructions on how to use our various products. Well, I’d like to add more to the Help Desk but also publish more here on the blog to help you optimize your website with our IDX technologies for better results.

I hope to do this in two ways:

  • More written and video tutorials,
  • An IDX Best Practices Post Series here on the blog.

That’s where you come in. I’m going to leave comments open on this post. I’d love for you to share what topics you think I should cover. Things like:

No topic is too basic or too advanced so don’t worry, just tell me what you need help with. Tomorrow, we’ll be kicking things off with a discussion on “forced” registration and managing your registration settings. Subscribe via email and you’ll get it first thing in your inbox.