Your Support is Overwhelming

All I can say is wow.  Over the last week it has been kind of a whirlwind for us here. The phone calls and emails have been and still are coming in at a blistering pace. The great  dsIDXpress conversations happening on various blogs and forums around the web are amazing.  Our online community is a bubbling cauldron of activity with our support staff helping new clients out and users finding new ways to implement our WordPress IDX plugin.  The response we have gotten has truly been overwhelming.  However, such an influx of interest does have it’s pitfalls.  Our sales staff hasn’t been able to answer those calls quick enough or respond back to those emails as fast as we would like.  We want to be able to give every caller and every email the attention it deserves so if you are trying to contact us please be patient. “We are responding to inquiries in the order they were received” or also known as the FIFO method.  This should just be temporary until we can pull some additional people into our sales department.

Thank you for liking what we made.