Serving Customers with Radius Searches

Radius Search for IDX

What is a “Radius Search?” It’s simply a search that yields listings within a certain distance of a specified point.  It could be a home address, a hospital, shopping mall, park, or any physical location.  It’s not the same as … Continue reading

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Limiting Property Types in Searches

IDX Custom links to encourage searching

Should You? At times, there may be valid reasons for limiting certain things visitors can do on your site or certain information available. In general, it seems more customer friendly to let the consumer do what they want. From another … Continue reading

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Diverse Solutions: We’re Here to Help!

Diverse Solutions Support

Do You Need Some Support? At Diverse Solutions, we believe in providing you with the most advanced technology available along with the support that you need to fully utilize that technology. With these goals in mind, we provide our customers … Continue reading

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Incorporating Walk Score Into Your IDX

Walk score for IDX

What Is Walk Score and Why Use It? In the 2005 Traveler Opinion and Perception Survey, the Federal Highway Administration reported some interesting statistics about walking in the U.S. 107.4 million Americans use walking as a regular mode of travel. … Continue reading

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IDX and Google Analytics

IDX Tracking using Google Analytics

Tracking IDX Traffic Using Google Analytics Did you know that our Mapping IDX already has google analytics integration? If you are not already using Google Analytics to analyze the traffic on your website, you should be.  This post is not … Continue reading

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Engage Your Mapping IDX User

Encourage IDX user activity

Encouraging dsSearchAgent User Activity It’s a nice addition to your day when you receive a text message and email letting you know that you have a new dsSearchAgent lead.  They’ve registered on the site, perhaps because they want more features … Continue reading

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Polygon Custom Links for IDX

IDX Polygon Search for custom searching

Neighborhoods Aren’t Square Most neighborhoods aren’t square or rectangular, unless you’re in New York City.  There the streets create some very neat long blocks and short blocks, easy to draw a normal rectangular shape around for searching purposes. However, for … Continue reading

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Sold and Pending Results in IDX Searches?

Offering sold data for your IDX

In your settings for your IDX search you can specify which properties will be displayed by default in searches.  The options look like this: The Con: Unless you’re doing a CMA, which means you can look up the sold properties … Continue reading

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Easy IDX Search Customization

IDX Customer Search

Are You Helping Your Site Visitors to Search? Check out your competitors’ websites and their IDX search pages.  Or, check out just about any other real estate agent website and see the listing search options offered to the site visitor. … Continue reading

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The latest in IDX search: dsSearchAgent v3.5


The Diverse Solutions development team worked hard to create a brand new version of our mapping IDX search, which launched this morning.  dsSearchAgent version 3.5 is the latest version of our flagship IDX product and includes a host of new … Continue reading

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