Get more (and better) leads out of your IDX website

A recent spate of online articles, from so-called “experts” claim that real estate professionals should ditch the “middle-man” and forego IDX capability on their websites. Their reasons are varied. One says that the IDX provider robs the agents’ websites of SEO value. Another says that consumers don’t use agent sites to find listings but instead … Continue reading

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Are you truly the “neighborhood expert?”

Remember the day your real estate license landed on your broker’s desk? Shiny and new, just like you, it was your passport to not only a new career, but your own business. Sadly, unlike most new business people, few agents enter real estate with a business plan. So, we began farming. Mailing postcards, knocking on … Continue reading

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Engaging Millennial Homebuyers

It’s a sad but true fact that there’s a generational wealth gap in this country. Because of this, we see fewer millennials in the home-buying market than we’d hoped for. “The absence of millennial homebuyers is a big story for the economy, because housing sales and construction are big drivers of jobs,” claims Jeff Reeves … Continue reading

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Diverse Solutions purchased by Market Leader

BELLEVUE, WA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 – Market Leader, a provider of innovative online technology and marketing solutions for real estate professionals, today announced that it has purchased Diverse Solutions from Zillow Group. Diverse Solutions is a leading provider of IDX plugins, enabling multiple listing service listings display for real estate agents’ WordPress or custom websites. … Continue reading

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The New Diverse Solutions

In 2005, when Diverse Solutions was founded, our core value was to be the most innovative IDX solution available, while maintaining a high quality boutique feel and delivering excellent customer service. Over the next 10 years we became one of the most trusted IDX solutions, with some of the best agents and brokers in the … Continue reading

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IDX Pages feature added to IDX plugin

We are very excited to announce the release of IDX Pages – a new feature for our dsIDXpress WordPress IDX plugin!  Our existing “Link Builder” tool allowed you to build IDX links that filtered listings by criteria such as areas (cities, communities, tracts), property types, price ranges, beds/baths, and more.  In some cases, these custom dsIDXpress links could … Continue reading

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Serving Customers with Radius Searches

What is a “Radius Search?” It’s simply a search that yields listings within a certain distance of a specified point.  It could be a home address, a hospital, shopping mall, park, or any physical location.  It’s not the same as using Walk Score, and it can be a better way to provide listings close to … Continue reading

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Limiting Property Types in Searches

Should You? At times, there may be valid reasons for limiting certain things visitors can do on your site or certain information available. In general, it seems more customer friendly to let the consumer do what they want. From another perspective, how many times have you had a buyer say they weren’t thinking of a … Continue reading

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Diverse Solutions: We’re Here to Help!

Do You Need Some Support? At Diverse Solutions, we believe in providing you with the most advanced technology available along with the support that you need to fully utilize that technology. With these goals in mind, we provide our customers with tons of support options to ensure their success with our products. In case you … Continue reading

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Incorporating Walk Score Into Your IDX

What Is Walk Score and Why Use It? In the 2005 Traveler Opinion and Perception Survey, the Federal Highway Administration reported some interesting statistics about walking in the U.S. 107.4 million Americans use walking as a regular mode of travel. That represented about 51% of the travelling public in 2005. On average, these 107.4 million … Continue reading

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