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IDX Best Practices

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Timeliness counts when you’re following up with new IDX registrants. You know, those prospective home buyers who have registered to use the IDX on your website. If you don’t follow up right away, you’ve lost the lead. On the other hand, if you follow up too aggressively, you also risk losing the lead. So where do you find that ... Read more +

So you’ve installed an IDX search product on your website. But now what? How do you work on driving more traffic to your individual IDX listings to get more people interested in properties that are for sale? After all, searching homes for sale is one of the primary reasons people are coming to your website. But they gotta know they can easily... Read more +

Getting 1,000 hits to your real estate blog/website is great. But you know what would be even better, getting 1,000 hits on your IDX search page specifically. Think about it this way… Where are you converting site visitors? On your home page? On a blog post? Neither. Right? No, you’re converting them on your IDX search page. ... Read more +

With dsSearchAgent, you can do more than just slap an IDX map search on your website. You can create custom search map pages that pre-filter by price, size, city, open houses, or any other number of combinations of MLS search criteria. So say for example that you have a “Neighborhood” tab on your site’s navigation. And on that tab... Read more +

Every now and then I hear real estate agents say something to the effective of… People are coming to my website, but they’re not clicking on my IDX page to search for homes, or… I’m getting good traffic on my IDX search page, but people aren’t registering. The problem isn’t exactly the technology, but rather ... Read more +

Landing pages are an integral part of your website. If you’re using dsIDXpress, we make it real easy for you to create an effective landing page full with IDX data. Today, I thought I’d shoot a comprehensive tutorial on how to build out those neighborhood landing pages step by step. Check it out: (Can’t see this video? Click ... Read more +

People are visiting your website. Site traffic is up, time-on-site is looking good and you’re even getting inquiries for questions on specific properties. All good signs of a healthy home search experience via your real estate website. That’s good news! The question now is, how do you identify motivated buyers versus people who are just... Read more +

There are essentially two ways to use dsIDXpress to create and upload MLS content to your real estate blog: Using Shortcodes Using our Link Structure Choose from a variety of widgets to display IDX data Today, I thought we’d hi-light a couple of different ways you should be using dsIDXpress to display MLS content on your website. 5 Ways To... Read more +

When we announced the release of dsSearchAgent v3.2 yesterday, one of the new features enabled is the ability to control lead capture by choosing which property detail fields visitors must be logged in to access. When someone’s browsing the mapping IDX on your website for the first time, this is what they’ll see: They’ll have to ... Read more +

Over on the Diverse Solutions Community Forum Michael Reilly asked: We just launched a brand new site at We are driving traffic to this site using google PPC ads so I want to make sure I’m getting the most leads for the $. Does anyone have any thoughts on the best settings for forced registration? I had the ... Read more +