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Real Estate News and Updates

Response time is everything. Think about it… Don’t you get annoyed when you call your cell phone service company and you get placed on hold? How about when you’re trying to buy something over the phone, and you hit that automated recording, followed by the elevator hold music? Or you call someone, leave a voicemail, a days go by ... Read more +

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with technology and what’s shiny and new. We forget the importance of the little things…the simple things. Like a focus on building your database. Technology helps you: Connect with more people, Find more people, Marketing differently to people, But at the end of the day, you can’t forget about the... Read more +

Not too long ago we talked about how to effectively display testimonials in WordPress. As I said before, it’s one thing for you to say you’re good at what you do and another thing when others say you’re good at what you do. Collect a bushel (or even a couple) of good reviews from satisfied clients and you’re well on your way to building ... Read more +

Sonia Simone (CMO of Copyblogger Media) just wrapped up the third in a series of educational webinars over at Authority Rules. In this webinar we talked about “Conversion” and the top 12 mistakes that people make that kill their conversion. After all, “traffic and engagement are nothing if you can’t convert them to ... Read more +

Krisstina Wise (Principal/Broker) of the Good Life Team is one of those people who “gets it.” She understands that there’s been a fundamental shift in how consumers search for information – they’re moving everything to the web. During her opening session at REtechSouth, Krisstina engaged in an open discussion and ... Read more +

When you write a blog post and you forget to close with a Call To Action you leave readers and site visitors in a passive mode. You increase the likelihood that someone will quickly read through your content and move on. They won’t take action because  you didn’t ask them to. Think about it… If you don’t call to your ... Read more +