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We’ve previously written about how to use categories effectively on your real estate blog. What we didn’t discuss was the use of Tags. So today, I thought I’d share a video from Google’s very own Matt Cutts (head of Webspam at Google) who does an excellent job of explaining the use of Tags vs. Categories… [youtube ... Read more +

First off, what is social proof? Here’s Wikipedia’s definition: Social proof, also known as informational social influence, is a psychological phenomenon that occurs in ambiguous social situations when people are unable to determine the appropriate mode of behavior. Making the assumption that surrounding people possess more knowledge ... Read more +

A WordPress widget easily allows you to edit design elements on your website by simply clicking and dragging their positioning. You can enable things like “recent comments, categories, etc.” and any other variety of widgets to make your design easy to navigate and/or make content easily accessible. A WordPress plugin on the other hand ... Read more +

As many of you may be familiar with, meta tags are hidden bits of information on your site that help let search engines know what your site is all about.  The main two types of meta tags are your meta-description and your meta-keywords. Your meta-description tag is a sentence or two that tells search engines in plain English what your page ... Read more +

Sometimes, your site visitors might find it useful to have a printable version of your blog posts and/or pages. This is particularly true if you’re publishing timely information about the local market, homes for sale or places to visit. It’s neat to know that you can print a clean, simple text document with all of the content without ... Read more +

One of the most common questions we get is: How do we get our content indexed faster on Google? There’s no quick, clear cut answer. But I can say that Google looks at new domains registered less than a year like they are “baby domains” not yet ready for the big world. So, it is more difficult to gain and maintain results until they see ... Read more +