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Real Estate News and Updates

Does your real estate site look like it’s new and updated? Or does it look like a ghost-town? When consumers are shopping for real estate online, they’re looking for local, up-to-date, and accurate information. If your site isn’t current, it says “this site isn’t reliable.” At least that’s what it ... Read more +

“I don’t have a WordPress blog. I have a real estate website that runs on WordPress. The blog is a large component of the WordPress site, but it’s not the only component.” – Jay Thompson I loved this response from Jay Thompson when asked about using WordPress to build a real estate site. Really, there’s just ... Read more +

Your real estate blog can effectively accomplish several goals at once: It can educate consumers about the local community (things to do, places to eat, etc.). It can educate consumers about the current real estate market (stats and trends). It can inform prospective buyers about homes for sale in the area. Think of it as a marketing resource ... Read more +

Bounce Rate as defined by Google Analytics: The percentage of single-page visits (i.e. visits in which the person left your site from the entrance page). Bounce Rate is a measure of visit quality and a high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance (landing) pages aren’t relevant to your visitors. A high bounce rate simply means that... Read more +

It used to be that a good website design used to make you stand out. Now, a good design is the cost of admission. If you want to compete, you need a solid design and the content to support it. Good content is an attraction strategy. It’s what gets people to come to your website. It’s what gets people to stay on your website as they read... Read more +

The marketing challenge every Real Estate Agent faces is, how to stand out in a crowded market-place. How do you differentiate? What do you do to establish yourself as THE local community expert? There isn’t one simple answer, but rather, a combination of things. Do each of these together, and you’ll establish a brand presence separate ... Read more +

Consumers are visiting your website for one of four reasons: Search for homes. Find out how the market is doing. Find out what they’re home is worth. Learn about the local community. The easier you make it to access all of this information, the better. If they can easily access one of these four, you’ve satisfied their taste for ... Read more +

There are dozens if not hundreds of Real Estate Blogs getting started every day. Still, you know that starting one of your own is going to be good for your business. A well authored Real Estate Blog can help you gain visibility – both via search and in your community. It can help you build trust with your readers which ultimately, leads to ... Read more +

How can I get more Facebook Fans?  How many ReTweets did I get today?  I want more “Followers!”  If these are the stats that you’re measuring, I’d argue that you’re measuring all of the wrong things. A high number of Fans and Followers means nothing if they’re not converting into clients. So instead of ... Read more +

We all want more site traffic. More subscribers. And ultimately, more sales. We slave day-in and day-out improving our sites so site visitors spend more time poking around long enough to consider our offer. But then, ever notice how sometimes (or often), people leave 2-3 seconds just after they’ve landed? What’s the deal? It’s ... Read more +